Consumer involvement, advocacy and complaints

Health Complaints Commissioner

The Victorian Health Complaints Commissioner is an independent organisation that aims to provide impartial complaints resolution about healthcare and the handling of health information in Victoria. The Commissioner can also investigate matters and review complaints data to help health service providers improve the quality of their service.

Health Issues Centre

Established in 1983, the non-profit Health Issues Centre (HIC) supports and informs consumers and the health sector to partner for health care improvements, through:

  • Providing training and support to health services and health-related organisations to advance consumer participation and patient centred care
  • Supporting consumers on departmental and health service committees
  • Training and mentoring consumers and carers to participate in health
  • Influencing government policy through submissions and seats on key committees, ensuring the consumer ¬†perspective or experience informs improvements to the health care system¬†undertake health policy-related research and consultancies
  • Maintaining a knowledge bank and resource library on consumer perspectives and participation
Aged care sector advocacy organisations and complaints bodies

Aged care sector advocacy organisations and complaints bodies include:

Elder Rights Advocacy

Seniors Rights Victoria

Australian Government Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission