Specialist palliative care overview

The Victorian Government’s end of life and palliative care framework summarises specialist palliative care as:

  • A designated sector “funded to provide care for those with the most complex end of life and palliative care needs” (p5).

The framework also notes:

  • “Often the most valuable role palliative care specialists play is supporting other healthcare teams and professionals through consultation, advice and support to provide end of life care to their patients” (p5).

The types of specialist palliative care services included in this NW Metro Specialist Palliative Care Services Quickguide are:

In this guide, we have not attempted to include detailed information about referral criteria or models of care for each service. Rather, you are encouraged to check the websites listed for further information and phone to discuss referral and service delivery issues.

The Quickguide also includes links to:

If you are someone living with a life-limiting illness, or caring for someone with a life-limiting illness, other useful sources of information include Palliative Care Victoria and the end of life and palliative care section of the Victorian Government’s Better Health Channel. We have also included links to various Carer Resources within the resources section of our website.

If you are seeking information about services in Victoria in areas other than NW Metro Melbourne, we suggest you consult Palliative Care Victoria’s Service Provider Search. For services outside Victoria, we suggest Palliative Care Australia’s Directory of Services.

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