NW Metro Specialist Palliative Care Services Quickguide

Posted by North West Palliative on 4 August 2017
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Map of local government areas in north west Melbourne.

The recently updated NW Metro Specialist Palliative Care Services Quickguide published on this website by our Consortium includes quicklinks for: the regions three community palliative care services (organised in three subregional areas with people ‘zoned’ to a particular service according to where they live); palliative care units of public hospitals; palliative care consultancy services of public hospitals; outpatient clinics with a palliative care focus; day hospices; and paediatric palliative care.

There’s also links to: Palliative Care Victoria and other Victorian service contacts; Palliative Care Australia and national palliative care projects; International palliative care organisations.

Web: https://northwestpalliative.com.au/services_quickguide/